8 Wedding Mishaps and How to Fix Them

8 Wedding Mishaps and How to Fix Them

Have you ever being to a wedding without slight hiccups or mishaps? You might say No, well because you never noticed as it got handled so fast. You see the bride walking barefoot and you think “oh, her feet hurts” when in truth, she’s lost her shoe. Or where a blast from the past arrives at the wedding, wedding mishaps sure do happen.

Which is why you need to be prepared to “Expect the Unexpected” and have Plan B, C, D and all other alphabet; and professionals/wedding planners who can fix the glitches in your wedding script and keep it rolling while you enjoy your day.

Here are a few wedding mishaps and how to fix them.

  1. UNINVITED GUESTS & PLUS ONES: You’re bound to have situations where an invited guest shows up with an uninvited plus one or a guest who hasn’t RSVP’d or where children are brought to the wedding and you have no provision for children. A wedding planner knows how to be flexible with such situation by having extra seat and place settings available to be added to an existing table or set separately. You can’t just chase the guest away as they’ve arrived at your wedding.
  2. MISSING RINGS: This actually happens, where the best man forgets the ring or it goes missing. Don’t panic (especially where the rings are insured), just simply borrow one of your friend’s rings in order to perform the ceremony and return it later. Nobody notices the quality or look of the ring at weddings, its just for symbolism of the union.
  3. WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS: A ripped dress, spoilt zipper, or stained bridal/grooms outfit! Sounds disastrous, right? Such things can happen even when you’re being extremely careful all along. In preparation for such situation, have stain removals and sewing kits handy and a designated seamstress to help fix the dress. If you’re in a hotel, ask for help in getting the stains out or have an outfit exchange with one of your close friends and family members. Remember, that a perfect wedding day friends on your happiness, so don’t let a bad mood ruin your day.
  4. LONG WAIT AND LATENESS: It’s inappropriate to arrive after the bride to a wedding ceremony, so also inappropriate for the couple or bride to arrive late to the reception as it keeps guests frustrated and bored. Why don’t you invite everyone almost an hour early, have them engaged with drinks, music, activities such as photo-booth? Where there’s a long wait time between the ceremony and reception, have a small cocktail party in between with lots of activities to keep guests engaged. In a destination wedding, they could visit near places around the venue.
  5. DRUNK GUESTS: This is bound to happen where you have lots of alcohol served and an open bar. You wouldn’t want to be babysitting a drunken and misbehaving guest or allow such guest ruin your wedding reception with their actions/display and words. It’s best to have your wedding attendants monitor them, hand them water or discuss with your venue on how to handle such situation.
  6. INAPPROPRIATE AND LONG WEDDING SPEECHES: There are such family members or 8 Wedding Mishaps and How to Fix Themfriends that think telling the tales of your sexcapades not past relationships are a great form of humor but really no one wants that. To avoid inappropriate and long speeches, you can have someone inform the person giving the speech to give only short and appropriate speeches or have the DJ kill the speech with music and it wont get further awkward.
  7. CLIMATE CRISIS: Excess Heat, Rain or too windy? Nature does it’s things and it’s up to you to “weather the storm”. So, this isn’t for outdoor weddings only, you can face this at indoor weddings where your guests are drenched in rain on their way to the venue. To avoid this, have a Plan B or a wedding rain plan  for an indoor venue if you plan an outdoor wedding, or a tent, an open-roof outdoor tent against the heat, umbrellas to welcome guest from their cars, boots for the couple and guests and other necessary measures.
  8. MISSING ACCESSORIES & ITEMS: Missing shoes, earrings or whatnot? It happens. To avoid this, make a detailed checklist of all items and have someone check all properly (such as opening a shoe box and seeing the shoes in it) and intact before leaving for your destination or wedding location. Where it’s too late, borrow a shoe from a guest or family member, or walk barefoot (your dress is probably too long to cover your feet).

Remember, it’s your wedding day and perfection isn’t always perfect so go with the flow and have people help you with such mishaps (you might have a guest as an alternative makeup artist or hairdresser), just don’t forget to calm done and ask for help while you go on and enjoy your day. Eventually, such mishaps will form memories you’ll look back on and laugh about.

At Italian Gala, we’re professional wedding planners and we are there to help you avoid the imperfections and turn them into memorable moments as we carefully plan your day.

Experienced other wedding mishaps, tell us in the comment section below.