Bridal Makeup

Tips for the perfect bridal makeup

1. Select the perfect make-up artist for bridal makeup 
We believe the personal recommendations are always the best and if you find a makeup artist available, arrange a trial session before your wedding day

2. DIY bridal makeup
If you are very confident and you’re going to apply your own make-up, keep in mind that bridal make-up is different to applying your regular make-up; it has to look photographically perfect in daylight as well as indoors and importantly it has to last all day.

3. How to choose your wedding makeup
A heavy smoky sexy make-up is not going to compliment your romantic wedding dress. The same rule applies to your hair so that everything works ‘together’ rather than clashing. Look through bridal magazines and Instagram for inspirations

bridal make up italian gala4. Begin with the right skincare
Opt for an oil free moisturiser, it will create the perfect base for your make up and will keep your skin hydrated.

5. Primer is a must
The right primer is a must, it will help keep your make-up look perfect for longer, and will help smooth over open pores, wrinkles and fine lines. A small amount of primer is sufficient, apply all over your face after skincare, and before foundation.

6. Foundation the most important part of your bridal makeup your
The correct foundation and how you apply it will make your skin look natural.
Invest in a good foundation for the right colour and the right formulation, if you get it right, you will look amazing
Apply your foundation in thin layers, starting from the middle of the face and blend outwards using a foundation brush.

7. Apply concealer after foundation not before
Concealers are designed to cover imperfections, whereas foundation is just to create even the skin tone/ complexion; to keep your skin looking as natural as possible use as little concealer as possible. You will need less concealer if you even out your skin tone first with foundation, and then apply the concealer so that you will not rub most of it when applying your foundation.

8. Go easy on the powder
To set your make up and make sure the skin tone does not look greasy in your photos, you need to use powder; use a blusher sized brush and lightly dust your eyelids, t-zone and dust over the rest of your face.

9. Avoid ‘sparkly’ products
To look more sophisticated, opt for products with a little shimmer and apply the products in small amounts, and blend well using your fingers. Avoid face powders, highlighters, eyeshadows/ with sparkle as they will ‘bounce’ off flash photography.

10. Gorgeous eyes which can withstand wedding day tearsbridal makeup italian gala
Waterproof mascara is not the only waterproof option for your eye make-up, there are specific eyeshadow primers, waterproof eyeliners (gel, pencil, liquid), eyeshadow, sticks, these are all bases which all help towards creating an eye make-up look that once applied, won’t budge. Keep your eyeshadow colours simple, light and fresh; it will look more modern!

12. The bridal perfect lip colour
As a guide, opt for a shade which compliments your blush, a coral lipstick and the same applies for pink tones.
If you love a strong lip colour, it will look brighter; and if you love a statement lip, keep the eyes softer and more natural.

13. How to touch up during the day
The products you need for touch-ups on the day:
• Cotton buds: have a few to hand to tidy up around the eye area if you cry
• Pressed powder: pat the t-zone with the powder to remove unwanted shine.
• Lipstick and gloss: after kissing, eating and before any photos, keep your lip products to hand to re-touch if required.

For the evening reception, when you will be in a darker light for the party have a blusher, run an eyeliner pencil on the inner rim of the eye and add more mascara if you wish to make your eye make-up a little more ‘smoky.