Catholic Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Being religiously deep-rooted, the Catholic wedding is considered one of the seven sacraments with religious rituals/elements depicting spiritual symbolism. As most Catholic weddings are held in a chapel/church sanctuary because it needs to be officiated on a consecrated ground, with the couple both being Catholic, it will be carried out during Mass service.


The wedding process/rituals are:

  • Introductory Rites – The wedding begins with the priest welcoming everyone with an opening prayer, naming the couple and praying for God’s blessing upon them.
  • Liturgy – Biblical passage selected by the couple and preapproved by the priest are read out by a family member or friend with a short sermon by the Priest.
  • Vows – The priest asks the couple a series of questions and the couple takes their vows while the entire congregation is standing. The vows can be read out by the priest and the couple responds with “I do”.
  • Exchange of Rings – The priest blesses the rings as a symbol of love and fidelity, and hands it over to the couple as they place it on each other’s fingers.
  • Holy Communion – The priest asks for the “sign of the peace” where the guests shakes hands and say “Peace be with you” and the congregation engages in Holy Communion. After which, the ceremony ends with a nuptial blessings and prayer from the Priest.


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