Engagement in Italy

Marriage is a moment of great joy, and should be celebrated even before the long-awaited and planned-for day. What better way to celebrate the decision of the couple to formalize their union of love than an engagement in Italy, surrounded by friends and loved ones?

Here are 5 tips to better organize your engagement party in Italy

engagemnt party italian galaThe couple should celebrate every moment, from the request of the bride’s hand to the magical moment of placing the engagement ring on the finger.

Everyone knows the engagement party is not the same as the wedding party, nor is it necessary to make a guest list (which can sometimes lead to diplomatic incidents!), but it should always involve family and close friends. Whether your engagement party is a dinner or a stand-up party, preparation still requires commitment, and our 5 tips can certainly help you.

1- Establish starting the budget available for the engagement party. In this way other expenses can be calculated based on this budget.

2- Engagement theme. Like any festive occasion, the first decisions are the date, the invitees, the venue and above all, the style for the party.  Many couples prefer a themed engagement party, based on something important for the happy couple – a way to make the party really fun!

3- Select the menu. Having chosen the theme, now it’s time to decide what to serve. Depending on the number of guests, you can have an open-air buffet or prepare homemade dishes. In any case engagement party italian galait’s nice to choose something that has to do with the couple and their story, whether that’s a lunch, a dinner or a brunch. Opt for finger food for an afternoon party, or a barbecue for lunch.

4- An official engagement party implies the decision to get married soon: that’s why there should be some sort of speech or announcement. Determine when you’ll do that: the ideal is early on, preferably before the buffet is served.

5- Engagements must be remembered with affection. Many couples include a goody bag to give to their guests, but it always depends on the budget available. The important thing is that they reflect your day.

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