Exotic Shades of Private Jet Chartering

Exotic Shades of Private Jet Chartering

Exotic Shades of Private Jet Chartering

 Own your big day and the Skies with it – Flying Private for Your Wedding or Events

You’ve probably admired the lavishly-cushioned billionaire Grey status, and asides from how interestingly beautiful the vows were between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the beginning of the moment which starts with a Private jet wedding reception getaway is enough luxury and private moment for newly-weds.

Not being a billionaire entrepreneur doesn’t rule you out from such experiences as private jet hiring is the Holy Grail to making that grand engagement, flying to your dream wedding destination, honeymoon get-away, VIP birthdays or hen/stag parties vacationing.

Wedding planning is enough stress as it is and chartering a private jet can do you more with luxury as most destination wedding, engagement or vow renewals locations will probably involve several different flights and transports due to their exclusive and unconventional locations, so why not eliminate the stress and jet-lag, and almost-often loss of luggage with a direct fleet to your dream location. You wouldn’t want to experience a bridal or big day freaking out, right?

You want to arrive right in the middle of your party like a boss or get away from your reception party instantly; you’ve got the power in your hands with a private jet. It gives you the fluidity as you can schedule to your timing and moments. It’s like having your chauffeur ready. With the exclusive package of sharing a meal, champagne, and entertainment with your loved ones onboard and landing at a private terminal/airstrip, what’s not to love in flying privately?

Exotic Shades of Private Jet Chartering

With a private jet, you don’t face the hassles of commercial flying stopovers, undue airport time/delays, cancelled or missed flights, tiresome and lengthy boarding queues or check-ins, and the ultimate which is the cramping in without enough leg room… Oh, wait, or having your wedding dress or items in jeopardy…sigh

Another perk of private flying, is that you can fly in groups such as flying your guests and family, ensuring everyoneExotic Shades of Private Jet Chartering arrives at the destination venue in time and no fuss…Imagine where your event location is in a remote, yet exotic place. On some chartering, you might get the cost per head very close to the price of a commercial airline, so why not fly private, save some money and leave behind the hassles of commercial flying?

A mid-flight proposal with cute photography? Flight to a proposal destination or have a “Will you marry me? Inscribed on a landing field or anywhere below the skies? Italian Gala helps plan and make romantic ideas come true.

“You own a private jet?” Have people gush at your elegant entrance and surprise as we can get you luxury and comfort in the skies and below with planned limousine and cars transportation as you land, at Italian Gala.

Make your big day magical with us today!