How To Get Married in Italy

How To Get Married in Italy  –  Legal Requirements

Foreign citizens who are getting married in Italy submit a “nulla osta al matrimonio”  a declaration stating that there is no impediment to their marriage.

The “nulla osta” document must be translated into Italian and notarised , alternatively you can submit a “certificate of legal capacity to marry” from the authorities in your own country, and provide it with the other documents when you apply for the banns to be posted at the municipality.

In Italy, the banns must be posted by a civil registrar before getting married the and they are valid for six months. You can get married from the 4th day until the 180th day after the banns are first posted.

If you are unable to go in person to submit the request for the banns, you can delegate Italian Gala or a third party; in such case, you must use a special “proxy” written on “plain paper”

If you reside abroad and you wish to apply for a Certificate of Freedom to Marry, you can contact their nearest Embassy of your country or apply only through the Embassies websites.

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