Muslim Wedding Ceremony Rituals

The Islamic religion is the second largest religion that’s widely practiced in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and other terrains where it’s widely recognized and practiced. As a religious obligation, marriage in Islam is called a “Nikkah” and deemed a contract between the couple and Allah. However, Muslim marriage traditions may differ based on culture, the Islamic sect, and observation of gender separation rules.

The only requirement for a valid Muslim wedding is the signing of a marriage contract by the couple and witnesses. Muslim weddings can be observed anywhere and not necessarily in a mosque as most are held at any venue that suits the couple such as the romantic valleys in Italy. Also, there’s no requirement of an official clergy but instead a knowledgeable Muslim like a Cleric/Imam/Sheikh who’s versed in Islamic wedding ceremony to officiate the wedding.

The common rituals observed in a Muslim wedding:

  • Mendhi– A traditional adornment ritual that most Muslim brides participate in, usually a henna night observed a few days before the ceremony. It’s the beautification of the hands and feet with a henna tattoo. The artistic designs are done to evoke a sense of beauty and a celebratory look.
  • Meher – A two-part marriage contract stating the monetary amount due to the bride from the groom. The first part of the meher is an amount due to the bride prior the marriage and the second part states the amount given to the bride throughout her life. This is considered a form of security and financial guarantee of freedom in the marriage to the bride.
  • Nikkah – The wedding ceremony which is a simple ceremony involving the reading of Islamic scriptures, filling of the marriage documents in the presence of two male witnesses and recitation of prayers – Fatihah, which is the first chapter of the Quran.

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