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A wedding in Italy definitely comprises that scene that every girl dreams about as she grows up. The bride, the groom, the scenery and even the colours are often already set in her mind before she even meets Mr Right. The one factor that neither the bride nor the groom have often set in their minds though, is the exact location.


The location together with the time of year will often dictate the kind of wedding that the couple will have. Italy is ideal for weddings because of the diversity of scenery. Whether you imagine that beautiful beach wedding, or a wedding in the best Italian wine producing valleys, any season of the year, Italy is almost certainly the ideal wedding destination.

Every woman has a dream wedding that starts developing in her mind our locations italian galafrom early childhood. No two weddings are ever the same. A unique as people are, so are their weddings. Even when a wedding is celebrated at the same venue with similar décor, it will never be the same as the previous wedding, or the next.


Location, location, location

There can be no better destination choice for a wedding than Italy. The birthplace of modern civilisation, this unassuming yet vibrant country hugs the hot Mediterranean coast along its entire coastline and boasts breath taking mountains with ski resorts in the north. Whether you want a sun drenched beach wedding in the Summer or a magical snowy wedding in the Winter, Italy is the one destination that can offer you either choice. 

Gala dinner organisers in Italy

You may choose to have your wedding along the Mediterranean coast, or further north amongst spectacular mountain scenery. Either way you will need to choose your organisers carefully. Finding the right gala dinner organisers in Italy will be crucial to your big day.

It may be possible to find a planner that can find you a gala dinner organiser in Italy, but when you are planning the big event, it makes the task much easier when the people that you turn to, have a UK base office and speak English fluently.

Italian Gala provide a bespoke wedding service that few other gala dinner organisers in Italy canour location italian gala match. Because Italian Gala can provide you with an event location to suit your wishes across Italy, without you having to travel back and forth to organise it yourself, the load will be lifted from your shoulders.


Perhaps one of the most appealing features of a wedding in Italy are the unexpected fringe benefits. After the nuptials you won’t have to travel too far to go on that dream honeymoon. Whether you decide to hole up in a private villa overlooking Lake Garda or take in the canals of Venice or possibly even the best that Rome has to offer, you will be spoilt for choice. A honeymoon touring the country may be on the cards too.

Italy is such a versatile choice for your wedding. With an abundance of location choices, the possibilities are endless, and every little girl can grow up to realise her dream wedding.