The Most Popular Dates to Get Married – Revealed!

The Most Popular Dates to Get Married – Revealed!

Choosing a wedding date is often one of the first things engaged couples think about, but it can be difficult to avoid clashes with other events. Sending a ‘Save the Date’ to all guests as early as possible is the best way to avoid these clashes and scheduling yourself in your loved ones’ diaries far in advance.

But what dates are the most popular dates to get married? We’ve done our research, so you don’t have to!

The top 3 most popular dates to get married are:

  • The first Saturday in September
  • The first Saturday in August
  • The last Saturday in July

This won’t surprise many, but Valentine’s Day has proved to be one of the most popular days year on year. In the UK alone, 30,000 couples got married on this day between 1995 -2013. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their love on the most romantic day of the year!

The most popular day of the week is Saturday, with Friday being the next most popular day. What a great start to any weekend! Month wise – couples are obviously preferring a Summer wedding, with August, July and September having the highest percentage of weddings every year. Recently however, October is sneaking in the lead, with a higher percentage of wedding taking place in this month each year. Could this eventually be the new favourite? We’ll have to wait and see.

And how about the least popular?

Without a doubt, the least popular date to get married is Christmas Day, closely followed by Boxing Day! This is no surprise, as most people have plans with close family and friends on this day, so guests are unlikely to want to miss these traditions to attend a wedding.

January, February and March are the least popular months, with couples avoiding wintry weather and the chance of rain, in favour of blue skies and sunny days.

Couples also seem to want to avoid bad luck, with the date of the 13th having a significantly lower number of weddings each month.

What about Italy’s best dates?

Although we’re biased and think any date is the perfect time for a wedding in Italy, the typical Italian wedding season runs from May – October. These months are peak season for wedding planners, so it’s essential to book one early in advance. Saturday is the most popular date by far, with couples reserving this day 2 years in advance! Italy’s leading wedding planner, Enzo Miccio, heads up our production team and has a very busy schedule, so its highly important you contact us as soon as possible so we can give you your ideal date!

August is the hottest month so many couples avoid this as temperatures can get too high for many guests’ preferences.

However, according to Italian tradition January and February are the perfect months to get married. January is said to bring loyalty whilst February is a very romantic month for Italian weddings because of Saint Valentines month. October is believed to bring love and it’s widely known that November and December are synonymous of eternal love.

If you’re thinking about getting married off-season, your potential venue may have earlier availability, as the summer months get booked up over a year in advance! By ensuring you have a wedding rain plan this can cover all weather possibilities, so you can still have the perfect wedding day.

Italy is known for its fresh produce and wine, so consider planning your wedding date around seasonal produce. This will ensure you have the freshest food and wine for you and your guests, and stunning flower decorations around your venue.

Whatever the date you want for your big day, get in touch with us and we can plan your dream wedding – email [email protected]