Protestant Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Protestants as a division of Christianity differ in traditions depending on denomination such as Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran or Presbyterian religious sect having their own faith practices and custom elements. Protestant weddings are not strictly in a church and can be officiated in private locations.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy, there’s a variety of elegant and artistic protestant churches in any of the cities. For example, Florence has the 18th century Protestant church which stands out as one of the finest with stunning architectural designs. There’s also stunning churches in Venice, Rome, Florence and Trieste or an outdoor ceremony on the Amalfi Coast or the Tuscan countryside.

The wedding usually starts with a wedding procession, where the wedding party comes in and awaits the bride as she is accompanied by her father. Following, there’s a welcoming with a traditional call to worship by the priest stating why they are gathered and the priest/officiant reads bible passages and gives a sermon of advice for the couple

This is followed by the reading of wedding vows- which might be personalized or the traditional ones – and exchanging of rings by the couple which the officiant will bless before handing them to the couple with the words “With this ring I thee wed” or any other statement.

The priest pronounces the couple as man and wife and the couple seal it with a kiss which leads to the end of the ceremony as the priest gives a final blessing.

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