Religious Marriage In Italy

Religious Marriage in Italy Can people who have not been confirmed get married in church?

No. It is necessary to be confirmed before you get married.


Can people get married in a church located in a different municipality from the one in which they live?

Yes, but it is necessary to ask for permission from the church authorities.


What happens if a parish priest sends a registrar a marriage certificate that is not complete with all of the legally required information? 

The registrar must suspend the registration process and send the marriage certificate back to the parish priest so that it can be completed correctly.


When does a religious marriage in Italy become valid for civil purposes?

In order for a religious marriage to be deemed valid for civil purposes, it must be entered in the civil register. When a marriage is registered, it is retroactively made valid from the date of the wedding ceremony rather than the date of the registration.


Can a religious marriage between two people who have already been married in a civil ceremony be entered in a civil register?

No, registration is not possible in those circumstances.


Is it compulsory for people who want to get married in church to take a marriage preparation course?

Yes, it is compulsory. The participation certificates that are issued to engaged couples are valid for two years.