Wedding Cake

Italy is known for its richly diverse traditions when it comes to the culinary arts. And Italian wedding cakes are an irresistibly tasty adventure. They are well known for how tasty they are, and as such, have won the hearts of many couples. So, should a couple decide to get married in Italy, the question arises as to which cake they should choose.

If your thoughts as per which cake to buy have hit a roadblock, ask our pastry chefs and you will soon know which cake to choose.


Choosing Your Wedding Cake   

Whether you’ve dreamed of a one of a kind wedding cake, an elaborately decorated one with flowers or a towering pink wedding cake, the pastry chefs we cooperate with all over Italy are the best in their profession.

italian gala wedding cake

When selecting your wedding cake, you should think of few details, such the season and in which 


Italian region you are getting married, the theme of the wedding – the caterer can help guide the vision for your cake design.

You should also take into consideration when selecting a cake: fabric, colour, flowers, and something that makes a statement about you. 

Share your ideas with our pastry chef and cake designer and use colours as a point of inspiration.   


Decorating Wedding Cakes 

A formal wedding generally calls for a multitier cake; it can be simple or elaborately decorated. 


Wedding cakes are often round and white is the classic colour for a wedding cake, but chocolate and tinted frostings can be just as elegant.

Take the colour from the palette of the reception, use the colour of the bouquet; any colour can be used if you like it. 

Cakes decorated with fruit, like strawberries, are perfect for spring or summer weddings, hydrangeas are a great choice for summer or fall; and chocolate cakes are perfect for late autumn and winter weddings. You can also incorporate your new monogram on the cake.

A wonderful source for design ideas are flowers, add your favourite flower into the design, or use a seasonal flower native to Italy.


Flavour of Wedding Cake

The fillings are another way to bring in more flavour, to the traditional frostings or buttercream, you can select whipped cream, jam, lemon curd, or chocolate fudge to complement the cake. Wedding Cake

Our pastry chefs (bakers) will be able to carry out all your wishes, and tell you if your visions for your cake are realistic; they will tell you if the fruits you’ve selected are in the season, if the frosting will stand up in the humidity, and if the chocolate will stand the Mediterranean summer.

Our pastry chefs will also suggest the best way to use certain ingredients and if you’d like the cake to be decorated with fresh flowers, they will let you know what blooms are edible or they can arrange to order nontoxic flowers. 

Of course, you can always serve more than one cake if you wish to add to the bounty.

Always go for a tasting to ensure your cake has the sweet taste you crave.

Ask for the advice of our pastry chef. Sometimes cakes are better suited for particular seasons, or will work particularly well with the design you’ve selected. 


When to order the Wedding Cake 

Once you’ve decided on flavour and the design of your wedding cake, you should be sure everything is detailed in the contract along with the fee for the cake. 

Pastry chefs charge per person and usually they require a 50 percent deposit when the contract is signed, and the balance at least three months ahead of the wedding day. 

Make sure to order the cake as soon as you have selected the time, date, and place for your reception, we suggest at least three months before.

For more information about what our pastry chefs can do for you, contact us [email protected]