Wedding Photography

Meeting the right photographer is as important as finding the perfect dress; the photographer you choose to be behind the lens on your big day will be at your side for the unforeseen, the good and moments.

It pays to do a good research and locate a wedding photographer whose artistic style are in line with yours. Italian Gala can provide you with a list of outstanding wedding photographers.

Another good place to start? Log on www.italiangala/ , where you can find photographers suggested by Italian Gala, region by Italian region, or for your destination wedding visit, the online directory of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. 

Before you decide, visit the photographer website, ask to see previous wedding shots, until you find the kind of work that really speaks to you.


Wedding Photography – Focus on the Details

Once you’ve met your style match, it’s time to negotiate your package.

Most photographers offer a range of options, prices range between 3000Eur to way up to 10,000 Eur or more; the cost is influenced by how many hours of coverage you want, and whether an album is included.

If yours is a destination wedding and takes place at a distance from your habitual residence, it’s very important to meet the photographer in person, well in advance to make sure he meets your needs.

Wedding Photography – Important Detail To Note:

Ask how many images you can expect to receive in the end, although this  often is dependent on the size of the celebration. A rule of thumb: If you have a wedding with 150 people, consider 1000 pictures, every 25 guests add another 100 pictures.


Wedding Photography – Number of Pictures and Editing

Another important detail to ask is the number of pictures agreed are with or without the edits.

Finally, before signing the final agreement negotiate for the right to keep the negatives or digital CD.

Most photographers don’t give negatives back, or require you to get paid extra; having control of your images can save you a lot of money, to avoid paying every time you reorder.

Once you’ve struck a deal, ask when you can expect to receive your proofs, typically it’s two weeks to a month after the wedding.

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