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Wedding Table Settings




Continental Wedding Table Setting

Working your way in, the dinner fork is on the outermost left, followed by the salad fork and plate. From the outermost right are the soup spoon, fish knife (if fish is being served) dinner knife, and salad knife. Above the center-plate is the dessert spoon and fork placed horizontally with their points facing left and right respectively. Above the forks is the bread and butter plate with a butter knife/spreader laid across on top with the point facing left.

American Style Wedding Table Setting

Starting on the outermost left with the salad fork, dinner fork, and plate with a napkin; and from the outermost right is the dinner knife and salad knife. Dessert fork, spoon, and the bread and butter plating are placed the same as the continental style.


Wedding Table Settings: Utensils 

It’s worth noting that forks are to the left and knives to the right of the table, as well as liquids are to the right and solids to the left. The number of forks, knives, and spoons present depends on the formality of the event and courses to be served.


Wedding Table Settings: Plates

The main plate is a service plate/charger which is the largest plate that serves as an underplatefor the course plates. Course plates are exchanged with a new course plate after each course is finished.



Depending on how many types of wine will be served, wine glasses and stemware are placed an inch above the knives. From the outermost left to right are the water glass, champagne flute, red wine glass, white wine glass and a sherry glass.



Centerpieces (flowers or other forms) are usually to decorate and enhance the table setting, so ensure that the centerpiece doesn’t stand so tall that guests can’t see over it (except candles). Candles are often used to illuminate the table; they are placed above each place setting or either side of centerpieces.

With everything set properly, it becomes very easy and comfortable for your guests to have a good time.

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