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Wedding Traditions Something Old … New…

Wedding Traditions An Old Rhyme With Great New Charms

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe” is a Victorian English rhyme, dating back as far as 1883, that has widely been incorporated as age-old wedding traditions. They are simply tokens of love gifted by your relatives, soon-to-be family and even yourself, to carry along with you on your big day. Most brides leave out the last part seeing as it’s not easy to come by a sixpence.

As a bride, wondering how to include the first four items for a blissful wedding (just an old tradition, nothing more), here are some new ideas on how to incorporate your ‘something’s’ to your big day.

Something Old:

Ancestry and Heritage, it represents continuity with the bride’s family, their traditions, and their past

Think of it as an opportunity to add some vintage effects to your wedding as you incorporate something old yet with familial attachment. Asides wearing your mother or relative’s dress and jewelry from her wedding day, like Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s tiara, try:

  • A family heirloom, being the ideal something old. Have your grandma’s pearl necklace embellished into your wedding dress for some lovely detail as currently seen on 2018 hottest wedding dresses
  • Can’t wear old earrings or brooch? Have them adorn your hair as beautiful hair pieces or clipped on to your wedding shoes for some jazz.
  • Have the men in your life feel special with your father/grandfather’s old tie knotted around your bouquet or sewn into your wedding dress
  • Adorn your face with your mother-in-law’s veil or have your earrings made from diamonds on a ring that belonged to your grandma.
  • Grandpa’s old car, that’s vintage sport…make it your getaway car or incorporate it into a photo booth background.
  • Put photos of late loved ones in a locket, attached to your bouquet or worn on your neck.


Something New:

Symbolizes Optimism and Hope for the future, and represents the individuality of the bride.

Get creative with your day with exciting something new’s like:

Have your new last name and wedding date stitched into the lining of your gown

  • Get wedding earrings, wristbands or rings that spell you and your partner’s name.
  • Get matching tattoos for your wedding.
  • Wear a new perfume specifically for your day or what your husband-to-be gifts you on your wedding morning.


Something Borrowed:

Symbolizes borrowed happiness, carrying over the good fortune

Extend the fortune of other’s happily married life into your new journey with something borrowed.

  • Un-Veiling: Imagine wearing your grandma’s 90’s silk net veil or a lacy one of a cathedral length showing classy vintage, one that has passed onto generational brides. Since veils are hot wedding style inspo right now, it will fit right in.
  • The Vow: Ever had certain words, passage or romantic lines touch you deeply, say in a book, from your parents or a friend’s wedding? Why not borrow it to form part of your vows or as a message to be read to your partner on your day.
  • Borrow a signature cocktail from your friend’s wedding or wedding theme.


Something Blue:

 Symbolizes Purity, Love and Fidelity

“Marry in Blue, Lover be true”.

  • The Dress: considering blue has been a wedding favorite for centuries as it symbolizes purity, wedding dresses are now stepping out of the traditional white with hints of colour, so you can wear a pale blue dress for your wedding.
  • Blue Shoes: Add a dash of colour to your white dress with blue Steve Madden heels.
  • Sapphire jewelry or wear blue nail polish.
  • A handkerchief with lovely or funny blue inscriptions



Good fortune, Prosperity, Wealth

And if you happen to find a sixpence, put it in your left shoe on your wedding day or incorporate new ways by stringing it up to your bouquet.

Good Luck and Stay Happy!


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