Weddings Destination Italy


When choosing your wedding destination in Italy be sure to take some advice. Even when you decide that it’s going to have to be a beach wedding or a celebration in a field surrounded by mountains. Perhaps even when you’re looking for quaint church in a tiny village. You have the special day set in your mind’s eye.

Whether or not you are looking for a traditional religious wedding or a secular fasting of the hands there will always be something that you’re not going to know about. But your wedding 

planner will. If you’re living outside of Italy, then you’re definitely going to need an experienced Italian event planner, and there’s few more experienced than the team at Italian Gala. 

weddings destination in italy

Your destination may be in Italy but the dates you have chosen, the theme of the wedding and all the additional considerations will have an impact on which venues are suitable. Choosing a venue cannot be a lottery of luck and you should think carefully before choosing the location. This will not only have an impact on how much you enjoy the day but also how your guests will remember the day too.

All day events
Most weddings are an all day event. Summer weddings in Italy are likely to take place on a hot dry day. This may mean that if you have a morning ceremony there will be a break before the evening celebrations commence. Italian Gala are premier gala dinner organisers in Italy and so will be the perfect choice for your afternoon or evening wedding reception event.

Marriage and the law in Italy
There are some really odd rules surrounding marriage in Italy, but we at Italian Gala are experts in these. A divorced or widowed woman cannot marry until 300 days after the divorce or bereavement. That’s approximately ten months. There are other requirements too. While Italy is not the only country that requires it, a lot of people don’t know about the certificate of no impediment. This needs to be issued by the Embassy of your country of origin and it should be no older than six months since issue. If you are a foreign national that has lived in the UK all your life, ask your wedding planner for advice on how to proceed.

Marriages Certificates
Naturally you will need to prove your identity and if you have been married before you will require a copy of your previous marriage certificate and either your decree of divorce or the deathwedding destination italy italian gala certificate of your previous spouse. You will also require two witnesses, so be sure to choose someone that will definitely be there for the occasion.

Sometimes a couple can get so wrapped up in their wedding destination in Italy that they lose sight of the paperwork and technical considerations.

Once that’s all covered then it’s time to think about whether you’d like it all to happen in Lake Como, Lake Garda, Venice, Verona or Naples. Perhaps a city wedding in Rome or an unusual spot in Sicily. Italy is dripping with history and it is possible that you would like to find that location that resonates with a piece of history that you love. Your Italian event planner will be able to help you decide.

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