Weddings in Italy Lago di Como


Lake Como, the third largest lake in Italy, with a legendary reputation as a romantic destination never disappoints. Revered by the rich and famous since Roman times as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world it is unsurprising that it has become a preferred location for getting married in Italy. Graced with a subtropical climate, Lake Como is a both a global and a European drawcard.

Life on the lake is exceptionally well organised with an established ferry service that has been around since 1952 with its origins going as far back as 1826. The reason so many choose Lake Como to celebrate their wedding is often influenced by the celebrities that have chosen to set up 

Weddings in Italy Lago di Como italian gala

residence there. Donatella Versace and George Clooney are counted amongst them.

The abundant choice available in picturesque villages and towns dotted around the lake means that you can have the wedding you want, in the style that you want. The awe-inspiring scenery which supports the reputation of the locations around this lake means that with some creative inspiration anything is possible for your wedding.


Wedding Infrastructure

The attraction of this beauty spot has led to a well-developed infrastructure of hotels, venues, spas, activities and of course a transport network. The huge choice in terms of activities will mean that everyone and anyone will enjoy their time at Lake Como. Those that like to do it themselves can enjoy hiking the surrounding mountain trails. If you prefer a guided tour it can take place from the sky in a helicopter or seaplane. Food is a central feature here and you could take a local cooking class, or simply explore the Lecco food tour.
If you’re crazy about cycling, there are bikes for hire all over, or you could also take one of the guided cycling trips. Biking tours and hiking opportunities aside, there is also an excellent opportunity for kayaking.

Italian lakes wedding venues

Lake Como is well known for the spectacular wedding villas in Italy that surround the lake. Thesedestination lake como italian gala are owned by and occupied by many of the rich and famous, including European royalty and aristocrats. Homes that are made available by Nobility are very popular and are in high demand. Several Villas are ideal for both the ceremony and the reception because their size accommodates both parts of the celebrations. For many of the guests, the event will also involve a holiday or a short break away and in some cases, they will also be able to book accommodation at or very close to the venue.


Wedding Organisation

Italian Gala, experienced organisers for corporate and wedding gala dinners, will help and advise you to choose the ideal location for both your Italian wedding ceremony and the reception. Together with every other aspect of wedding arrangements, you can rest assured that your big day will run smoothly.

Even if you’re hoping for an intimate small wedding at the lake, we have the ideal venue for you. Where money is no object, we can provide you with the picture perfect wedding at Lake Como. To enquire about these amazing venues we have on offer, contact us today [email protected].