Weddings in Italy Naples

When you decide to organise your marriage in Italy, more specifically Naples it can be hard to take in the enormity of the significance. Naples is one of the oldest cities in the world, continuously inhabited for over 4000 years.

There is hardly another large city in the world where there isn’t a reference to Naples, be it in the restaurants and cuisine, night clubs or cultural facilities. The culture and grandeur of this ancient destination has quietly seeped into the rest of the world over the centuries.

destination naples italian galaExperiencing Naples, you and your guests will discover how the development of civilisation has blended the ancient, the traditional and classic and the modern into a delightful pot of extraordinary culture and history.

Naples offers extraordinary choice as an Italian wedding destination.

A simmering blend of ancient cultures, starting off as a Greek settlement, ousted by the Romans and subsequently even controlled by Germanic invaders, the city bears a metropolitan flavour of everything god that has remained over the millennia.


Wedding castles, villas and churches  

Slap bang in the middle of Naples, the Piazza Del Gesu Nuovo encircled by several beautiful and classic churches, may be your starting point of choice. A romantic Italian wedding there, can then spread out to any other place in the city for your reception and post nuptial celebrations. You can have a wedding in a hotel anywhere in the world, but that Italian wedding in a castle, Villa or even ancient church can only be had in Italy.

By the very nature of its size Naples offers a selection of castles and wedding villas in Italy, as well as traditional churches to celebrate your special day both for the ceremony and celebrations afterwards. There can really be nothing more exciting tha

Weddings in Italy Naples

n celebrating your wedding in a castle that is still occupied by a real prince, princess or noble family.


Things to do

With so much to do and so many different places to stay, you can be forgiven for wanting to stay afterwards for your honeymoon too. For your guests there simply won’t be enough time to do everything they’d like and who knows maybe like you they will return year after year to complete the adventure.

Aside from some of the best museums, theatre and opera that Italy has to offer, Naples brings new meaning to the idea of gastronomy. It has become a meeting point for all the best food and wines across Italy, both north and south.


Planning your Italian Wedding

Italian Gala, your wedding planner in Italy, will ensure that your dream day is perfect. Whether you have chosen to have a small wedding, or a big celebration, with bridesmaids, pageboys, Italian wedding dresses, and even featured Italian wedding rings, Italian Gala will ensure that it all runs to plan.

Every aspect from getting there to the weddings cars are all taken care of so that you can enjoy that most romantic event of your life. Your wedding in Naples could not be more perfect. Contact us today and to begin planning for your dream Naples wedding [email protected].