Weddings in Italy Venice

You’ve decided on a wedding in Italy, in fact you’ve chosen Venice as your location. As a favourite honeymoon location, interest in Venetian weddings has grown. This waterborne city is famous for its canals and where else does the bride arrive by boat?

Perhaps you’ve decided you want a small wedding in Italy. It is still possible to have all the whistles and bells especially in Venice, even when you’re considering an Italian wedding on a budget. This city boasts some of the most spectacular 15th and 16th century palaces, and they’re not just for visiting. You can get married in some of them too.

For those wanting to include some Italian wedding traditions, there are a few things that you can do differently. Brides in Venice in the past used to have two Italian wedding dresses. The second best one for the ceremony and the best one for the first dance with her groom.

Venice in most respects is just like any other city, with the exceptions of course that makes it so unique – there are no cars, you have to travel by boat. There are good theatres, cinemas, restaurants and activities. Modern cities that are no older than a few hundred years, simply don’t have the history. Exploring this old city reveals those messages from the past shouting out at you as modern meets ancient in the old canals, churches and stately homes.

Getting married in Venice will provide you with stories to tell your grandchildren one day that will never get old.
Your guests will love the opportunities do something different. Private gondola tours, museums, palaces and even open squares with character cafes. Art galleries and inspiring architecture are complemented by gyms and modern entertainment.

By choosing Italian Gala to guide you through every aspect of your wedding, you can rest assured that everything will be covered. From your haute couture wedding dress to Italian wedding invitations and wedding favours, no detail will be missed. You may choose to opt for an elopement package in Italy and get married on the quiet.

On the other end of the scale you may want a fully managed large-scale event. Italian Gala have experience as both corporate gala dinner organisers and wedding gala dinner organisers, so you have peace of mind, knowing that all the boxes will be ticked.

Your romantic wedding in Venice will be easy to get to as Marco Polo airport is situated on the mainland right beside this amazing city. The romantic adventure will continue right from the Weddings in Italy Venice italian galamoment that you disembark to the moment you depart. Italian Gala can also organise day shoots and photo sessions for your memories to take home, aside from your wedding photographer on the big day.

With a spellbinding choice of venues, historic buildings, accommodation including hotels to stay and novel ways to explore, Venice may well become the place you choose to return to annually for your anniversary. It won’t be difficult to see why.

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