Weddings in Lake Orta

Religious weddings in Lago d’Orta

Lago d’Orta offers couples a wonderful choice of churches which help to make this lake the ideal destination for a religious wedding.

Some are perched in positions boasting panoramic views, like the sanctuaries of the Madonna del Sasso and of Madonna della Bocciola, or the churches of the Sacro Monte di Orta and the Assunta, both at Orta San Giulio.

Others are ancient, brimming with spirituality, like the one dedicated to Maria Assunta at Armeno, or the chapel of San Filiberto at Pella, probably one of the first buildings on the banks of the Lago d’Orta, around the Xth century.

Weddings in Lake Orta

Still others are small country churches in atmospheric rustic locations, like Madonna di Luzzara or San Antonio at Vacciago.


Then there are some little known churches which are worth rediscovering, either for their beauty or their setting. For example, there’s San Rocco (Miasino), the church of the Madonnina di Arola (on the Valsesia road), and the little sanctuary of Luciago, immersed in the great beech woods of Mottarone.


Amongst all of these we’ve chosen a triptych of churches which have no equal in all of Italy: Maria Assunta in Orta San Giulio, the church of Sacro Monte di Orta and the Santuario della Madonna del Sasso.

Each of the three has very different characteristics – the final decision comes down to what the happy couple are looking for and their preferred environment.


Weddings in Lake Orta in the Church of the Assunta in Orta

The church of the Assunta di Orta San Giulio has an ideal position right in the heart of the ancient hamlet of Orta – at the summit of the Salita della Motta hill. After the ceremony, the bridal couple and guests can walk to some of the nearby beautiful locations.

Weddings in Lake Orta

Bear in mind that the hamlet is closed to traffic – although you can ask for special permission for the couple to come by car, from the Orta municipal police. Some brides choose to arrive at the church on foot, accompanied by their father and bridesmaids.

Others opt for a grander arrival, on board a vintage car or a carriage pulled by white horses.


Weddings in Lake Orta Sacro Monte di Orta Church


The church of the Sacro Monte on the other hand is at the top of a lush hill dominating Orta.

One fun idea which your guests will love is to hire for your private use the lovely and tiny Orta train, which will take you in few minutes from the centre of the village to the church of the Sacro Monte, and back again.


Weddings in Lake Orta Getting Married at the Santuario di Madonna del Sasso

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso is one of the most panoramic churches in Italy, located on a large white rock which dominates the Lago d’Orta: a setting which very, very few churches around the world can match.

Unlike the other two churches we’ve listed (the Assunta and the Sacro Monte) with the Santuario you have to take into account the transfer expenses of the couple and guests, because the Madonna del Sasso is about 30 minutes’ drive from the hamlet of Orta – and the last stretch is steep and includes many twists and turns.

So, it makes sense to think about hiring a coach to take guest to the sanctuary, and afterwards on to the reception.

We can assure you that it’s absolutely worth the extra expense, considering the unique and spectacular beauty of the Santuario di Madonna del Sasso!